LeLachuer Park, Lowell Spinners

LeLachuer Park
Lowell MA
Home of the Lowell Spinners

BPA Staff:
Ray Boucher
Gary Leite

The first trip we made for this project was to Lowell’s LeLachuer Park. We were fortunate to meet with Jon Boswell, Media Relations Manager with the Lowell Spinners, who gave us a great lesson on the history of the team, the ballpark, and “Spinnertainment”.

Watching a game at this park was wonderful. Great atmosphere, friendly staff, great sight lines from any seat. It may not be worth travelling cross-country to see (unless they’re having one of their nationally covered promotions), but if you ever find yourself within a few hours drive and want to have a fun night at the ballpark, it’s worth a trip to Lowell. Make sure to get tickets well in advance though, they sell out every game!

BPA rates this park a stand-up triple!